Friday, August 6, 2010


Hey everyone, so glad it is finally friday! This has just been a very busy week for me which I think I mentioned yesterday but being friends and all I am sure you don't mind hearing it again, right? Anyways, my plans for the weekend are to start on my stamping bella card early instead of rushing to get it done, the challenge next friday is bling and I love my bling! Have a few more birthday cards to get done and hopefully take a picture of to post so you can see them. Still not getting the greatest pictures in the world so if anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate them. I can take constructive criticism, sort of, kind of...

Anyhoo, this is a little message to Vanessa, your cake will be great I am sure of it and if there is any problems just tell them it was under siege right before you served it!

Enjoy your weekend and will try to put up some more pictures for your viewing "pleasure".

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Vanessa said...

hehe - the cake managed to turn out great after all the drama :) Glad you are having a better day today!