Friday, August 20, 2010

Me too!

Another post today, I am on a roll! Kinda sad that is considered exciting news ha ha! Anyways, made this card for a friend who wanted to know why she hadn't gotten a card yet. I try to make a birthday card for most of the girls in the office where I work and so I told her it wasn't her birthday yet so she hadn't gotten a card yet. Well, she is leaving in a couple of weeks, moving down south with the hubby to be closer to his job, so I made her this card using a mo manning image. I thought the image and saying were perfect for someone "wanting a card too!" Actually, I was tickled pink to have someone think enough of my work to actually ask for a card. Makes me feel pretty darn good I have to say. Then to top things off, one of the other girls gave me my first "commission". I am actually doing it for free cause it is for another girl who is retiring but still to be asked makes ya feel pretty darn good! Okee dokee, enjoy your weekend!
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Vanessa said...

This ones very cute too - and it kind of looks like me at the moment too. Andy is still having a blast in aussie I guess as he hasn't bothered to phone at all and its day 3 out of 4 that he's away... so what if its only for a minute, his daughter is missing him like crazy!!

How wonderful you are being asked to do commissions!!