Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Last challenge

Hey everyone, well this card is the one I made for the final challenge for stamping bella. They are looking for a new sistah and I have been submitting faithfully every week but when you see the cards I am up against I ain't holding my breath! Anyways, thought if I was gonna have any chance at all I might as well go full force and just put on my card that I think they should pick me. Didn't notice til now that you can see the top of the stand where I take my pictures and that it is a little blurry. May need to get a tripod and see if that helps as I have a really good camera. It couldn't possibly be the operator could it?

Enjoy your day!
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Sharon said...

Your cards are fabulous. Superb colouring skills. Hang in there, you are sure to be noticed! Tons of best wishes and hugs, Sharon x