Monday, August 9, 2010

OMG! Paula Williamson wrote me a note!

No picture (yet) but just wanted to share my news. And I know to a lot of you this means absolutely nothing but I sent an email to Paula Williamson (of stamping bella fame) and she wrote me back! I know she doesn't follow my blog so she won't think I am creepy or anything but I was on cloud nine today! Just a simple little Hi Amanda and a little chit chat but boy did it make my day. How nice that such a simple gesture could make someone so happy. Or maybe I just need to get out more...

On another note, I colored up an image tonite, tried the colored pencils and gamsol, inspiration by Paula of course, and it came out pretty well. Of course I couldn't leave well enough alone and decided to cut it out using my nestabilities. Well, I have a hard time keeping my stamped image in the nestability when I am moving it to emboss etc so I had the "bright" idea to add some Tack it Over and over glue to the inner edges thinking that would help. Well, it did but perhaps a little too much because when I popped it out I had little bits of residue all around the edges. Not a big problem, that is what fingernails are for! So I rubbed and rubbed and got most of it off then decided to see if a baby wipe would get the last little bit off, well all it did was raise the nap of the paper and wipe off a bit of my ink. Darn it! Guess I will have to slap a flower on that spot!

Enough rambling, just wanted to share my happy news and my warning!

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paula tracy williamson said...

Hehe, you are CRAZY!!! You want my phone number, cause I call people too! haha... I am honored to have made your day. Jeanie sent me this post last night and I was smiling when I read it. If you have skype, we could color together. ok, time to make the toilets!