Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Little boy and his cookie

I need to get more imaginative with my titles I guess. They all just briefly describe the card I made, nothing humorous like some I see. I don't think I can think that fast on my feet. Anyways, this is another mo manning image I colored up for a friend who is having her baby shower this weekend and knows she is having a little boy. I am happier with the embellishment here, which is just ribbon, but couldn't figure out what to put over the know cause I thought it needed something. I tried a button, cause that would fit the masculine theme, but it just didn't look right. So instead of ruining the whole thing but slapping various "accoutrements" on it I just left it alone. This is some new twill ribbon I got from really reasonable ribbon and I am kinda likin it. I don't normally use much ribbon, not cause I don't like it but, again, cause mine never looks right in my opinion. So instead of doing bows I am just going with a simple knot and will work my way up from there. Ok, time for Survivor so will sign off. Wish they would get rid of that Naonka (spelling?), she is just nasty!Posted by Picasa

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Patty Sue 2 said...

Hey GF this is just too cute...I think you could call this "Patty's body after the cookies! Ha! Your coloring is just gets better and better. ( And look at all those followers you are gathering!)