Friday, November 19, 2010

More ugly sweater cards

My first card for this contest has flower soft all over the sweater with a big glittery star in the center. My husband wanted me to make a dye tied shirt but just couldn't figure that one out, he just knows I hate tie dye things. I do like the paper and the layout so may try to salvage this one after I post it. I made the poinsettia with some flowers for fredshesaid and then misted them with some glimmermist and added the gold minibeads to the center.
Well, this is my other try at an ugly sweater. Although I think this card is cute, she does have an ugly reindeer on the front. I tried to make him sort of bugeyed also with a white glaze pen. No sympathy for the deer population from this blog I tell ya! I would really like to win the stamps from this competition but I think I am done making cards for it as I don't have many done for xmas because I have been fussing with these. I am happier with the hair on these cards too as I can see more definition than my other cards. Ok, have a great weekend everyone, I am taking my mom xmas shopping, please pray for me...
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sunghee said...

Heehee... cute! Reminds me of bridget jones diary movie. that star sweather almost look like anya is holding a wreath! LOVE the cards!!!

Elaine said...

Could be worse could be going shopping with MY mum!
Hope you had a successful shopping trip.
Reminds me too of Bridget Jones diary ha!
Love the colours and your colouring is perfect.

Love Elaine xx

Patty Sue 2 said...

Oh, I think I have this sweater only it is a moose! Your coloring is wonderful and I do love this image. You are rocking!