Sunday, February 27, 2011

An award for me and for you

Happy Sunday everyone! Had to work today but hope to be able to play a little bit later on, have several cards I want to work on. I received an award from two very special people in my life over the past couple days. Patty from and from Elaine at  These two ladies were the ones who encouraged, pushed, shoved and generally cared enough to help me continue blogging and take my cardmaking further than I ever would of on my own. I am now a guest dt member for and am proud of the work I do instead of embarrassed. Anyways, I still don't correspond with a lot of people and since I don't want to send the award back to the people who sent it to me I am passing it onto all of you, everyone who has visited me and listens to my rambling, like today! So here is the badge for you to take and I will list 3 things in my life that are very sweet so at least I do that part right!

1. Of course my husband Joe is the sweetest thing in my life. He is not romantic per se but he does laundry, helps with cooking, my car is always free of snow in the morning when I go to work and he never leaves for work without kissing me goodbye. Wouldn't trade him for anything.
2. Elaine and Patty, 2 people I have never met but have become some of my best friends. A little off their rockers but hey, you gotta take the good with the bad!
3. My friends I do see in real life for being there for me on bad days and good. And not being afraid to tell me if I look horrendous in that shade of lipstick or whatever cause real friends can say that and you know they are only telling you the truth cause they love you.

Ok, your turn to pass it on!


Sharon said...

What a sweet Award. Congratulations on receiving it. hugs Sharon

Patty Sue 2 said...

You deserve the as for off our rockers...I think Elaine and I will take soon as they let us out of our padded rooms! Love Ya!

Elaine said...

Awwwww, you're making me blush!
Of course I had to send you this award because you are so sweet (if nutty) and obviously Patty feels the same way about you, though I bet Patty isn't so rude as to call you nutty!

Hey, romance isn't just roses, Joe clearing your car of snow and helping do the cooking is pretty darn romantic to me!
Cor Blimey! Off my rocker? You bet I am, off my rocker, round the bend and over the hill too, but at least I ain't got hairy legs ha!!

Love & hugs
Elaine xxx