Sunday, December 2, 2012

Santa Claus image by Sugan Nellie

Good Morning everyone! It is Sunday morning here and the weather outside is warm but gray and overcast. I have done all of the normal weekend chores so hope to sit down and color a bit today. Does it seem to anyone else when they have time to color they find other things that need done and when they have to do other things all they want to do is color? No wonder men don't understand us!

Anyways, I made this card a few weeks ago for a xmas card exchange on the Sugar Nellie facebook page and since Karen let me know she received it I am gonna go ahead and post it cause I was really pleased with it. Chuffed I guess if you are in the UK! Haha!

This is Old Saint Nick from Sugar Nellie and I just love his expression. Do you guys see that sparkly snowflake I added? It is a stickpin and my wonderful and generous friend Elaine sent it to me a year or so ago. I tell you it took everything I had to put it on a card and mail it away! It just glimmers and sparkles like you wouldn't believe. Oh, I also used some gray for my shading on the red, a tip I got from my friends Melanie and Elaine and it really does add a nice depth. Are cardmaking buddies not the best or what? Ok, that is it for me today. Hope everyone has a great week!


gobeagirl said...

Hi Amanda. I am glad you could share your card. It is just gorgous. I love your santa and I think your adding of the gray is wonderful. I got the tip from Amy that adding browns also gives it depth. I have tried the browns and really loved that effect. I am going to have to give the gray a try as well. You can never have too many tips when it comes to crafting can you. :O) I think you are a very brave lady to have sent away your beautiful snowflake pin. lol... It is very very pretty and I so know what you mean. Somethings I just can't use. We are all so funny, but oh well. I totally know what you mean about when you CAN color and when you WANT to color. I was just asking Madison last night why I have such good creative ideas when I have to go to work or get something else done versus when I have time to play. I hope you have a great crafty day. Hugs, Lisa

Vicky said...

Another stunning card Amanda...and such gorgeous colours too hun...:o)

big hugs Vicky xx

Faye said...

Luuuuuuuurve that Father Christmas. He knows I've been really good, right?! X

Janie Printz said...

OhmyGosh Amanda, this is one amazing card !!! You REALLY nailed the shading & depth by using the greys ... I NEVER get that look !!
Guess I should figure out how to do this ... Simly wonderful & your embellies are totally gorgeous !!!

Jenny said...

Well Amanda, I would be 'chuffed' too if I had made this fabulous card.
I totally understand the "Colour/jobs/time" thing.
hugs x

Elaine said...

It is truly stunning Amanda, and if I'd made it then I would've kept it for myself! Oh yes I really would!

Love the colours and your colouring is always perfect.
Beautiful embellies...Karen would be thrilled to receive this in the mail.

Big hugs
Elaine xxx

Maria@Crafty Cre8tions said...

Besides the gorgeous coloring you really know how to layer and add elements. These are things I just struggle with!

You're a pro!

NanaConnie said...

Delightful Santa, Amanda, and I love the flowers and lace! Perfect vintage looking card. :-D

Shanna Shands said...

Super cute Christmas card. I love all your different embellishments.

Shanna Shands said...

Super cute Christmas card. I love all your different embellishments.

Julie Z said...

Oh this is so beautiful! Adorable image and you have done it up SO WELL with all your details!!

And thanks for passing along your shading tip. I've done that with other colors - wonder why I've never tried that with reds?? And I always struggle with that color.

And yep, the best ideas always come to me when I don't have the time.... when you have the time; there's always something else that needs done for sure! Must be a hazard of the trade ;-)!