Monday, May 23, 2011

Just a few garden pics

Good evening everyone! My blog post today is a little different. Joe and I have been working on making a couple of raised (you'll see!) vegetable beds and I thought I would post them. Also a couple of pics around the house just for the heck of it. This first picture is shot from the side yard looking into the back. Our soil is really bad with lots of tree roots, you can see the branches and part of the stump leftover from cutting down the maple tree so we would have room for the beds. We are going to trim the ends of the 4x4 post off level and trim the taller ones a bit shorter, the tall ones are to attach trellising too.
Please ignore my husbands clothing choices, he really doesn't care what he wears when working. This next picture is of the roots we are working around which is one of the reasons the beds are raised.
The next two pictures are the inside of the bed. It is a 4x8 foot bed with 2x4 joists like a deck on the bottom. Then plastic lattice and next will be some landscape fabric to keep the soil from falling out the bottom.

This picture is just of one of my blooming azaleas. Nothing spectacular but they are awful pretty right now when we can all use a pop of color after the winter. I have probably a dozen azaleas in bloom right now.

This is my front yard with the columbine blooming out of control. Unfortunately one of my shutters got blown off and destroyed a week or so ago with a big windstorm so new shutters are now in the carport just waiting to be hung. Still green though but I think I will repaint the front door, just not happy with the dark red. Reminds me of a xmas house!

And this is my driveway bed. This was all overgrown rhododendrons and full of lava rock when we moved in. Joe and I yanked them all out and moved most of the lava rock then I laid all of the stonework and filled the beds. These are a few more of my azaleas and need to transplant some hostas into the top bed plus some new mulch this spring.

Posted by PicasaWell, that is it for this post. Just something a little different. I always enjoy seeing into others homes, it makes you feel more connected than just seeing cards all the time. Check back tomorrow for my Ladybugs TLT card!


Wendy said...

What a beautiful yard! Your husband is a real handyman. I need him to come hang out here one weekend!!
I added a set of instructions on striking out text to the bottom of my last post!

pinky said...

Wow I love where you live Amanda, it looks so gorgeous. Your gardens are just beautiful and what a great idea to make a raised bed. I could do with one of those in my back garden. Hey hubby looks cute in his shorts;)

Lisa Jane said...

oh wow your garden looks fabulous .. and i cantw ait to see your raised beds planted up.. Send your hubby round here lol
Lisa x

Karin said...

Love seeing your beautiful yard! I remember when I used to have flowers, sadly we are over run with deer and nothing survives :( Enjoy what you plant in your new bed!

Patty Sue 2 said...

Amanda, your home looks beautiful. What a wonderful yard to wonder around in and enjoy all the beauty. Have a great week-end...thunder storms here!

Kerry said...

At least your husband does stuff like that Amanda...afraid I'm the DIY expert in our house lol. Your home and yard are that bench at the front xx