Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Teacup girl

Okay, here is the other card I made up today. It is one of the teacup girls from stamping bella on Happy Days cardstock by SEI. The striped paper is glittery on the green stripes. I colored it with my copics and added some shadowing with my prismacolor pencils and gamsol. My inspiration is Linda Heavens, one of the DT members for stamping bella. Had never tried copics and prismacolor until I came across her blog and it really does add a great depth to the image. Tried sewing for the first time but think I need to put on a different foot as this one didn't allow me to stitch very close to the edge of the cardstock. The bling is done with my new imaginesce i rock tool and gems. They seem to be stuck on there pretty darn good!

I will let you in on my goof up for the day. Always fun to read about someone else's mistakes. My friend Renee (hey Renee!) called me last week and asked if I wanted to come to a jewelry party. Love jewelry, not a problem. She said it will be on Wednesday. Okee dokee. So I put on the makeup and the "nice" clothes and head on over. Lo and behold, she meant Wednesday of next week! At least she lives close by so now I am home and might try to do a card for the stamping bella challenge on Friday. Have never entered a challenge so we will see if I have the nerve to do it. Gotta start somewhere, right?
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Vanessa said...

Amanda have a little more confidence in your work, your cards are great and you should totally be entering challenges!!! :D

Vanessa said...

forgot to say the photos are looking great too! I notice the lovely use of bright colours and even a hint of orange in there, does that mean you are getting braver hehe.